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Custom Systems:

We start by meeting with you at your home or office. We then work with you to determine what your needs will be for a system; will you use it for business? For gaming? Or will you need storage for picture/video editing? Maybe you simply want to cruise the Internet and keep in touch with family and friends. 

Whatever your needs, we will build a system to match them. Sure, you can find systems in the store, "brand-name" systems that will perform how you want them too, however, you will also be "stuck" with all the programs and services they load that you may never need, let alone use! By allowing us to custom build for you, we only install the programs and services YOU need and want. 

Also, by allowing us to custom build a system for you, you are not trapped into having to upgrade a brand-name system with their hardware, or software, to their specs: we build systems with future upgrades in mind!  And, we will be your source for all upgrades if you choose.

By having a system custom built you can save money over store bought systems.  Sometimes, however, you can't: Store bought systems MAY be cheaper. However, when it comes time for setup, peripheral devices, and technical support, in the long run you can end up spending hundreds more than you really needed!

We don't post barebones systems, or price structures for custom systems as they will vary depending on needs and circumstances. We will provide you with an estimate* for the cost of a system, and show you different systems once we have worked out the estimate.

Custom Paint and Graphics:

Have one of those old, boring, beige towers or monitors?  Why not spruce them up with a new paint job, or custom graphics?  Just because they came that way when you bought them, doesn't mean they have to stay that way!  We can repaint your old, or even new system in the colors or style you want.  Just one more level of "Custom Systems" we offer. 
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* Estimates will include a trip fee of $15.00 for most local areas. Some areas depending on distance will be higher.