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Internet and email:

These days it seems like you just can't get things done unless you have an Internet connection and an email address.  There are a lot of ISP's (Internet Service Providers) out there to choose from.  Once you have signed up with one we can help you get connected and configure various email accounts through Outlook or Thunderbird email programs.

Most larger ISP's such as AOL, MSN, and NetZero all have their own email protocols you set up with them during the signup process.  However, local ISP's have different protocols to use when configuring email programs like those mentioned above, and that's where we can help.

We'll be happy to come to your home or place of business to set these up for you.

Internet connection setup fees: *

Dial up access: ** $35.00 per hour, one hour minimum. 
High-speed access: ** $40.00 per hour, one hour minimum. 

 -Office networks will require an onsite consultation after which we will provide a free estimate for the cost of setting up a LAN.
 -Home networking will require a consultation after which we will provide a free estimate for the cost of a home network, either wired, or wireless.

* It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have all necessary equipment for Internet connection. Check with your ISP for equipment/hardware requirements. High-speed will generally require an external DSL/Cable modem and network cable (Cat 5) as well as a NIC (Network Card). High-speed wireless will also require a router and any additional PCI cards, or notebook cards per system.
** Price includes one email account setup; additional accounts will be $5.00 per account.


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