RiverStone Computer Systems



Monthly Maintenance Packages:*

Maintenance service includes, but not limited to: **
  Clean temporary internet files.
  Clean temporary files folder.
  Clean cookies folder.
  Clear browsing history.
  Hard disk drive clean up.
  Clean/remove old  start-up programs.
Uninstall up to three programs/applications.
  Update hardware drivers as needed.
  Run Windows update as needed.
  Run system defrag.

Routine maintenance of your computer will help it and installed programs run smoother and in some cases quicker; your computer will run more efficiently and cooler with regular internal cleaning.  Routine maintenance can and will prolong the life of your computer!
Services provided on-site or in-shop.

Personal system packages:

One personal computer:  (Laptop or Desktop)

 One month:  $45.00
 Six months:  $225.00 paid in full with first  visit.
 12 months:  $450.00 paid in full with first visit.
 Additional computers:  $20.00 per month
 Internal dust removal:  $12.50 per computer. (excludes laptops)



Business system packages:

One office computer:  (Laptop or Desktop)

 One month:  $55.00
 Six months:  $275.00
 12 months:  $550.00
 Additional computers:  $25.00
 Internal cleaning:  $15.00 each computer (excludes laptops)

* Package rates based on consistent monthly visits. 
** Additional services extra.

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